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Client Incident Form - Incidents/accidents may be minor, such as scraped knees from a fall or a bruise from running into the swing on the playground. While most of these accidents do not require medical attention, the ability to trend incidents across markets and compare regionally or nationally leads to safety improvement practices.
Reportable Event Form - Material events may range from medical occurrences to intentional billing errors. Reporting potentially serious risks is everyone’s job and helps BSP to get out in front of allegations in order to ‘do the right thing.’ Cooperation is essential to mitigate risk and provide for a culture where compliance is rewarded.
Complaints/Grievances Form - Complaints/grievances may include concerns from parents or team members regarding everything from Covid19 practices to canceled sessions, values adherence to hours of operations. Regardless of the precipitating event or the ease of resolution, the practice of documenting such complaints allows BSP to trend concerns and improve policy practice.
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