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School District Support

Help When, Where, and How You Need It

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) knows no time or physical boundaries and is present in the affected child always. We know that when a child’s full support team works together, it can make all the difference for the child and his or her family.
COVID-19 Support
We understand each student’s needs are unique and during this challenging time, we are here for you. We can help by partnering with your school district to support your school and students with individualized educational goals, skill recovery, and support with regression. In addition, we are available to help your teachers through consultation. We are in this together and ready to assist.

We are proud to partner with school districts in the communities we serve. From classroom consultation to professional support, our clinicians are here to collaborate with your district to ensure better outcomes for students, teachers, and other school district professionals. We believe that by offering these services and working together, we can move closer to achieving our mission of changing the world for children with autism.

Our clinicians are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Behavior Technicians, and educational and behavior consultants with extensive experience working in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with clients on the autism spectrum. Each of them works in center, school, and home settings to ensure our clients have access to individualized services where they need them so they may learn to generalize their skills across various settings.

When appropriate, many of these services can be provided using distance learning technology and remote consultation.

Virtual Learning

We are able to provide virtual (or remote) support to students, families, and educators with 1:1 instruction, parent support, or teacher consultation.  For students who are struggling with virtual learning, we can also provide student support within one of our centers.

Classroom Consultation

Classroom consultation enables BlueSprig educational and behavior consultants or BCBAs to work directly with the teacher and support staff to enhance the overall functioning of their classroom to benefit all students, not just those students with autism. Consultation topics may include, but are not limited to, classroom design, whole group and/or individual incentive and reward systems, and teaching methodologies and supports that help students with special needs learn and reach their potential.

Teacher and Paraprofessional Support

Our educational and behavior consultants or BCBAs can provide training on a variety of topics including creating and implementing behavior management systems, facilitating socialization in a school setting, writing and implementing individualized behavior support plans, writing Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) goals, and setting up data collection procedures. Training services can be delivered during in-house staff in-service/training days, after school, or during classroom teaching time.


Before making program and service recommendations, it is best practice to conduct an assessment that provides baseline information as well as information about how the student learns best. This assessment often utilizes a combination of direct (e.g., classroom observation) and indirect (e.g., teacher interview, student data) methods and yields a report that can be utilized by the team for planning and programmatic purposes.

Student-Specific Consultation

Many students with autism require additional support to learn in a classroom setting. BlueSprig educational and behavior consultants or BCBAs can work together with educational team members to develop and support the implementation of student-specific behavior and learning plans.

Teacher’s Aide and Paraprofessional Support

When students need additional support in the classroom and less restrictive measures are not enough, BlueSprig can provide Behavior Technicians to work with the student in the classroom. Aide support is provided in conjunction with BCBA supervisory services to ensure the IEP and behavior intervention plan is being implemented in the best way possible for the individual student.

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