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BlueSprig is proud to add West Texas Autism Center (WTAC) to the BlueSprig family of ABA therapy Centers in the West Texas Area. Together we are on a mission to change the world for children with autism. We are a nationwide leading provider in ABA Therapy and our team of highly skilled Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) is dedicated to providing the compassionate, individualized care that your child deserves. Many of our centers provide ADOS-2 assessments to assist in diagnoses and offer social skills, speech and occupational therapy, as well as family guidance assistance. We accept most major insurance plans and welcome you to schedule a no-charge consultation and private personal tour of our center today.

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San Angelo Center

439 W. Harris Avenue
San Angelo, TX 76903
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Get in Touch with the Center Near You

San Angelo Center

439 W. Harris Avenue
San Angelo, TX 76903
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Changing the World for Children With AutismTM

Compassionate Care
We provide the very best and most compassionate ABA therapy service to the families and children we serve.
Close to Home
We are community first – we open multiple Centers in a community to provide easier access to care and to be a loud advocate for positive change.
Exceptional Results
We aren’t the norm, we never settle for ok, and our track record with children on the spectrum is second to none. We love what we do and we bring that passion with us every day.

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April 16, 2019 | Acquisition of West Texas Autism Center expands Blue Sprig Pediatrics footprint in West Texas Houston, TX – Blue Sprig Pediatrics, Inc. (“BlueSprig”) announces that it has acquired the assets of West Texas Autism Center, a West Texas based autism therapy provider with two centers in Abilene and San Angelo. West Texas Autism Center is a center-based

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Your child will receive individualized treatment based on your goals and scientific treatment models.

Focused ABA Treatment

Concentrates on a small number of treatment goals with fewer hours of intervention (10-25 hours per week). A focused ABA program may be appropriate for individuals who have a severe behavior that should be prioritized above all other goals (e.g., severe aggression or self-injury) and may also be appropriate for individuals who lack basic functional skills (e.g., toileting or feeding).

Comprehensive ABA Treatment

Targets a number of developmental domains such as cognitive, communicative, social, and adaptive functioning. An example of a comprehensive ABA program is an early intervention program attempting to overcome deficits across a range of developmental areas. Due to the number of areas and goals these programs generally have more hours of intervention (more than 20 hours per week).

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

Behavior Analysis is a scientific model of how behaviors affect and are affected by environmental events. ABA is the applied use of principles and methods of behavior analysis (such as reinforcement), to create meaningful changes in socially important behaviors. ABA has four major characteristics:

  1. An objective assessment of the individual and the individual’s environment that forms the basis of an individualized treatment plan.
  2. Understanding of the context of behavior within the individual, his or her family, and his or her community.
  3. The utilization of principles and methods of behavior analysis to improve the individual’s independence and quality of life.
  4. Objective and ongoing data analysis to inform clinical decision making.

ABA has been demonstrated as effective at treating the symptoms of ASD.

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